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Important Dates for 2016

February 19th "No Mas Empanadas" film released on Youtube.com

March 1st: Crowdfunding Annoucement for budget of new
"short film" Kickstarter.com

Public Access Channel 19, 21
"MoCo LoCo" studio tapings: -February 17th -March 28th -April 18th -May 11th -June 1st MoCoLoCoTV.com




Our Mission Statement

We aim to delivery quality audio. video and media services at an affordable rate to meet any company's or individual's needs.

Equipment & Experience

* Bachelor's Degree in Film Media Arts

* Certified Production & Technician for Public Access Television

* Independent Director/Producer, Screenwriting, Event Cordinator

* Experienced with HD Studio Cameras from Sony, Panisonic and JVC

* Canon EOS DSLRs with Prime Lenses (L series avaiable upon request)

* Sennheiser/equivelent Shotgun & Boom, wireless/non laveliers, condensor