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Important Dates for 2016

February 19th "No Mas Empanadas" film released on Youtube.com

March 1st: Crowdfunding Annoucement for budget of new
"short film" Kickstarter.com

Public Access Channel 19, 21
"MoCo LoCo" studio tapings: -February 17th -March 28th -April 18th -May 11th -June 1st MoCoLoCoTV.com



Services Provided

Videographer, Video Editing, Format Transfer
Short Film, Directing, Sound, Lights, PA

Gernal Rate

Anything up to actually filming, writing, or editing is free. For any camera work the fee will be negotiated. A signed estimated statement and 50% deposit will be due upfront.

Discounts will always avaible!!!!!!

Additional Licensing, Permints etc...

For projects including hired actors/crew, premits and equipment rentals additional fees apply. This will be determined on a case by case basis. Transportation is also taken into account for producer/crew and equipment.