Important Dates for 2016

February 19th "No Mas Empanadas" film released on

March 1st: Crowdfunding Annoucement for budget of new
"short film"

Public Access Channel 19, 21
"MoCo LoCo" studio tapings: -February 17th -March 28th -April 18th -May 11th -June 1st



Recent News


Our newest short film "No Mas Empanadas" will be realeased online in February, 2016. The film was shot in the Washington, DC area, it is a comedic tale of a simple man who stumbles upon a local political event which inspires him to make life changes and get involved. ___________________________________________________________________________


"A View to Die For"


Recently our short film "A View to Die For" was screened at the Wheaton, MD Film Festival. The film was shot in Arlington, VA and features all actors from the DMV area. ___________________________________________________________________________


"All That Racquet"


"All That Racquet" is now being screened at the Silver Theater in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. It features many actors and actresses in the DC Metro area and was filmed in Bethesda, MD. The comedic short about a young country club employee with a gift for playing tennis, but once the members catch word of his using the grounds for practice, a fued breaks out between the haves and have nots which can only be solved by a competitive wager. ___________________________________________________________________________




Screening in Downtown Baltimore City at the "_________" Theater is our latest production "Alice." A short fantasy film about a young on her first day of work. But this is no ordinary office, and Alice "actress name" is about to learn just how out of the ordinary this workplace is as continues to go further and further down the rabbit hole. ___________________________________________________________________________


"Connect the Dots"


Another murder has been commited by the Notorious Mojo Jones, who has been harassing a local detective with an intimidating narrative to run him out of town. But this detective, is committed to solve this case at any cost, even the loss of his failing marriage. ___________________________________________________________________________




Screening in San Diego, CA is our newest science fiction short thriller featuring a small cast and crew from Montgomery County, MD. This film was also entered in the National Four Points Film Festival and is being considered for other festival entries. ___________________________________________________________________________


"Father Time"

This silient film takes place in the future when time travel has been long since evented, available to the public and is mediated by the government, the story is about a man and the bond between him and his now deceased father. With the ability to travel back in time, the man has chosen to abuse his previlage to see his father just one last time, but with the abuse comes consiquence. This film will be screening at the Afi Theater in Downtown Silver Spring beginning in May. ___________________________________________________________________________



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