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Important Dates for 2016

February 19th "No Mas Empanadas" film released on Youtube.com

March 1st: Crowdfunding Annoucement for budget of new
"short film" Kickstarter.com

Public Access Channel 19, 21
"MoCo LoCo" studio tapings: -February 17th -March 28th -April 18th -May 11th -June 1st MoCoLoCoTV.com



Contact Information

Email: famousmakers@gmail.com
Phone: 609.712.2164 (please leave a deatailed message)

*Phone Messages and Emails are checked Daily*

Discuss a project

If you wish to discuss a project, email a short description using the type of project as the "subject" for example: documentry, short film, music video, commercial, etc...

For General Questions

Please email (Famousmakers@gmail.com)
Put the topic of your question as the "subject"

Locations, Hours, and Resources Information

Currently Famous Makers is located in the Washington, DC metro area.
Time is reserved during normal business hours to speak with clients.

For urgent matters you may use the telephone number listed above.